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Feminine Wisdom; Coming Home to Ourselves

How do we embody our feminine wisdom; those parts we know are there but are hidden, buried, like a long forgotten dream that floats on the edges of our awareness? How do we access a vital part of our creative selves and live more fully from this ancestral knowing? Through millennia of repression of the sacred feminine, we lack words and a visceral understanding of what this actually is for us as women because we’ve lived under a blanket of Patriarchy. Very few of us know how to unlock this mystery or know how to access and utilize their feminine wisdom.

A sacred story is within every woman and from that place deep within, she learns to sing her own song; a song that is unique and necessary to the world. The more we step into the power of our unique song it changes how we move toward creating a better future.

Come explore that sacred expression, learning to embrace, embody, celebrate and dynamically work with our feminine values. My work is designed to help you align with the core of your being, discover your feminine power through a different lens; a new way of being, knowing and doing in the world. Learn to restore balance, deepen your awareness of the cycles of feminine power, gain trust in your intuition, initiate ceremony and rekindle your connection.

It is time for the uncovering of a woman’s way of being that has lain dormant for thousands of years. This work is about digging

deeper, finding those long held secrets and putting into practice the ancient knowledge and years of training as mothers, daughters, sisters and spokeswomen for the Earth. It is about walking in beauty and harmony, mindful of the sacredness of life. Each step and every action is done with our reverent awareness and participation and with the knowledge that there must be sacred reciprocity – a giving back that is about partnership and restoration of the Earth.

Earth based practices are soul driven, designed to sustain and nourish the individual and their communities for millennia. In our frenzy to just get by and to ‘make a living’, we live disconnected and distanced from the very thing that sustains us and promotes the absence of the sacred. Most of us live with a malnourished spirit and a sense of “homesickness”.

There is a Welsh word that conveys this sense of homesickness. It is Hiraeth. It has a depth to it that suggests a feeling of homesickness, longing, nostalgia or a yearning for a home you can’t return to or that may no longer exist. There is grief in this word that suggests sadness for something or someone you have lost, but in this case for a “home” that is no longer what we remember. One English translation says Hiraeth is “a longing to be where your spirit lives”. Acknowledge the feeling of Hiraeth and come home to practices that can sustain you.

Come home to where your spirit lives

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About JoDee Powers

As a child, my home was the Sonoran Desert, where interacting with horny toads, lizards, coyotes, snakes, quail, cactus and tarantulas was a daily occurrence. Throughout most of my life I have been drawn to nature and Earth-based practices and did my first 7 day, ‘solo’ quest with John Milton’s Way of Nature. This vision quest transformed my experience and oneness with Nature and the other-than-human world.


What our Clients Say

JoDee embodies the wise ancestor and the feminine with humility and grace. Hers is a true story about finding her own voice and empowering people. During a sweat lodge she held I felt the presence of the Great Mystery and was able to pray with my whole being. I'm very grateful and honored to have worked with JoDee.

Maria, Brazil

The name says it all! JoDee Powers has an exceptionally strong and clear spirit, and applies that clarity with great love and kindness with all that she works with. JoDee brings together decades of experience in working with the great mystery with an intuition that blows us all out of the water. She is a true creative and dedicated to reconnecting humans with wilderness and the spirit within and without.

Flo, UK

During the Inipi (sweat lodge) prayer and announcement by our native teachers at the Schumacher College in Devon, UK: "We take JoDee back with us to the States; we need her healing capacities." A glow of warmth fell over me because I knew it was true.

Christel Aberdeen, UK

JoDee has a profoundly agile mind and a lightening-rod connection to spirit.

Freddy, UK

JoDee carries both a wisdom that is ancient and timeless. Her knowledge is grounded in this-worldly wisdom that knows how to really make things happen, born of years of hard work and study.

Lindsay, UK
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